Due to the fact that i moved this webpage home, the downloads are not online now, because of a shitty connection. I am waiting for a 1gbit fiber connection, and when that is up, the downloads will also be. Im sorry!

I share some files on a simple fileserver who everyone can use. Here you can find some OS templates, useful softwares, scripts and other things. The content here will be added as i go, when someone i know needs it, or when i need it myself somewhere else. I take no responsibility for what the files can be used for, or what they do to your computer. But this is files i use all the time myself, and i consider everything here as safe.

The file server is hosted as a vps on one of my dedis on a gbit port. Depending on the load on the node, the speed may vary, as it has low priority on the network, due to the fact that this is not important for something like this. Though, a normal consumer should have no issue maxing out their connection.

The fileserver is located at files.styx.tech

Or you can CLICK HERE