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For some reason, it takes alot of time for the webserver to respond. When it does, it serves the pages at a ok speed. Looking into it, but my internet connection is most likely the issue, so i might move this site to a vps somewhere else while we are waiting for my fiber connection instead.

The Rust server seems to be running just fine on my connection though, so i will finish setting up that server tonight, and update the info page here. There will be 2 servers, 10x modded server and a vanilla experience server. Thank you for following!

This website is now hosted on a box from home, meaning that the connection will be slower for a period of time. The site is behind cloudflare, so i am gambling on that cloudflare will take the hits on loading the images here fast.

My host is having network issues, and that affects alot of my things. That said, i am tierd of sending so much money every month out of my own country, so im currently working on setting most of my things up at home (again). My connection at home is crap, but we are waiting for a gbit fiber connection, expected to be online in November. So i guess i will have to just hold on until that.

Also, the rust server in the menu has been offline, moved, tested, wiped and just a huge mess to be honest. Now, the server is finding a permanent home in my own server room at home (still on shit connection, but should be fine for Rust), while we are waiting on the new link. From this day, everything will be running on my own hardware, and not leased. Kinda feeling good about that to be honest.

More updates will come as soon as i have anything to report. Im currently in the process of moving my data home to my new hardware, and will be done with this sometime tomorrow.

So i`ve swapped out my dedi with a new one, this time located in Helsinki. Due to this, this webpage has been down for a little while today.

Also, my rust server is at the moment offline (the one in the menu), but there is a new one under testing right now, because i wanted to change alot of things. Ill try to have it ready for the wipe thursday this week.

Downloads are currently offline but should be working in about 1 hour from now.

More information will come later today.

You can read more information about it on that page. There is very little content now, but that will change over time. If abused, it will be taken down

I`ve added SSL and put the site behind cloudflare now, preparing it for further development and adding content. Right now everything seems stable and fine.

I got a new dedi for this, and the server is WAY to overpowered, so i might sell some vps servers out from it to make it pay for itself over some time. If you happen to need a vps, contact me.

This webpage will get more info and content the next days.

After alot of back and forward, i wiped all my old shit, and started fresh here instead. There will be more information soon.